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Youths Leaders of Change

The Youth Leaders for Change (YLC)  program addresses the need for youth to develop the necessary leadership and interpersonal skills to achieve academic success and fulfill their aspirations, mission and goals in life. 

YLC is staffed by experienced and passionate staff and mentors. The program has a school based program model and a stand alone community leadership program that supports local schools and community leadership initiatives and out of school time activities.  

The program includes; leadership and personal development workshops and perform community service projects, 
focusing on personal and emotional development  and leadership.skills development .

The program is based upon the integration of several leadership curriculum's, including the C.Charles Jackson Foundation Goals & Visioning series, the Y.E.L.L curriculum and the YDS On-Boarding Leadership curriculum.

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Goals and Objectives

Our program is aligned with the National Standards & Quality Indicators and best practices established by National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition (NASET) with the following major objectives for each youth: 
  • To acquire the skills, behaviors, and attitudes that enables them to learn and grow in self-knowledge, social interaction, and physical and emotional health.
  • To understand the relationship between their individual strengths and desires and their future goals, and have the skills to act on that understanding.
  • To acquire the knowledge and skills needed to practice leadership and participate in community life.
  • To provide the opportunity to exercise self-management and responsible decision-making skills. 

Combined, these programs assist youth in developing strong emotional foundations and strength of character that embody these core values.


  • Pursuit of Excellence                         
  • Self-Determination
  • Servant Leadership
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Discipline and Commitment
  • Community Building
YDS strongly believes the key to transforming children's and youth lives is to prepare them to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood.

YDS’s hope is that these young leaders will lend their voices and activism to addressing our community’s major health crisis, childhood obesity as well as combating preventable acute and preventable diseases such as diabetes, and heart disease. Their creativity and compassion will help YDS develop more innovative messages and approaches to reach our children, youth and families. Additionally, we will encourage each of them to lend their voices, perspective to inform the community, government agencies and corporations on public health policy they feel would more effectively serve children and families. We are committed to training and developing young leaders, future community leaders, advocates, and successful and compassionate adults.