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YDS Programs

Kids 4 Health Program (K4H), a comprehensive youth health and wellness program has completed four full years of providing comprehensive health services. Staffed by a pediatrician, registered dietician, nutrition experts, registered nurses, community health workers and certified trainers, we have witnessed youth and families achieving significant improvements in their overall health and wellness. 

K4H, an ongoing twelve week cycle, three days a week, two hours a day program includes: lectures and activities regarding health and weight management, general health (lifestyle), nutrition and diet workshops, nutrition 1 on 1 counseling and fitness activities, including  ply metrics, low impact training, strength training, aquatic training, yoga, and aerobics.

We have developed a comprehensive curriculum and workbook to provide each participant with a framework for participating in the program and information they can use for a lifetime. The program also includes parent program services and during the course of the program, we have a series of family workshops and community activities that engage other family members in an effort to influence and impact participant’s environment.   

In several instances, participants with pre-existing health conditions such as pre-diabetes, high blood pressure and other acute diseases have begin to make major progress towards reversing the impact of these acute diseases and healing their bodies.  

Additionally, with 70% of our clients being referred to us by physicians and more than 40% of them participating in more than three cycles, that there is a tremendous demand for community based integrated obesity and weight management services combined with evidence-based disease management services in communities categorized as being in a state of health disparities.