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Kids 4 Health Program

Kids 4 Health Program (K4H), youth health and wellness program is designed to help youth prevent, manage and reverse obesity and related diseases.

K4H is staffed by nutrition experts and certified trainers. The program is a school based program model and a stand alone community health  program that supports local schools and community health initiatives and programs.  

The integrated program includes; nutrition activities, nutrition resources, and fitness activities, including     plyometrics, strength training and fitness games.

The program is based upon the YDS developed "Club Fit Kids Curriculum and Workbook" which is based on best practices and co-developed by doctors and fitness experts.


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K4H Program Components

Youth Obesity Program   
Nutrition & Health Workshops   
Physical Fitness
Nutrition & Diet Family & Community Events Games & Activities
Plyo Metrics Program Healthy Cooking Plyo Metrics Program
Low Impact Training Leadership Development Run Training
Counseling & Coaching Nutrition Activities Weight Training
Health & Weight Mgmt Aquatic Training