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YDS Health & Wellness Services

In 2009 with the assistance of pediatricians and other health care professionals YDS launched and completed a 3+ year specialty health and wellness program pilot  "Kids 4 Health". Staffed by a pediatrician, registered dietitian, nutrition experts, registered nurses, community health workers and certified trainers, we serviced 300+ youth and families.

YDS Triple Aim Research Project
Evolving a Proof of Concept Into A Specialty Health Care Business Model

The 3 year research goal is to convene health care stakeholders to engage in this collaborative comparative study to produce better health outcomes, lower cost and inform public policy that will lead to the certification of  the YDS specialty health care business model.

The pilot is in response to the growing demand from physicians clients and  families already suffering from obesity related diseases such as; diabetes and others to manage and reverse their health condition and increase their quality of life.

Comprehensive Pilot & Research Collaborative Objectives

Patient & Community Centered
Health Equity  & Reducing Disparities

Improve Health & Economic Outcomes

Enhance Accessibility, Delivery & Quality of Community Health Systems & Care

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                                                                                                 Kids 4 Health Program Pilot 

In several instances, participants with pre-existing health conditions such as pre diabetes, high blood pressure and other acute diseases have begin to make major progress towards reversing the impact of these acute diseases and healing their bodies.  

The services includes lectures and activities regarding health and weight management, general health (lifestyle), nutrition and diet workshops, nutrition 1on1 counseling and fitness activities, including plyometrics, low impact training, strength training, aquatic training, yoga, and aerobics.

Measuring Success and Impact

We utilize performance metrics aligned with the CDC to evaluate our overall program and the individual progress of each participant. This metrics includes both quantitative and qualitative measurements. In partnership with University of Minnesota YDS developed various tools to measure physical and weight changes; health improvements; strength, agility and flexibility; aerobic measurements; knowledge and behavior. We also track, chart, and follow the progress of our collegiate alumni.

1. Body Measurements – Pre/Post measurements of height, weight, waist, bicep & thigh 

2. BMI Optimum Levels – Pre/Post measurements of BMI, blood pressure & heart rate
3. Fruits and Vegetables Consumption – Number of fruits/veggies eaten daily
4. Fast Food Consumption – Number of times per week eating fast food

5. Family Meals – Amount of family meals eaten together each week

6. Sedentary Time Tracking – Amount of screen time per day (TV, computer, videogames)

7. Exercise Time – Amount of days per week and minutes per workout

8. Cardiovascular Endurance – Overall running time & meters completed

9. General Strength – Test number of sit-ups, push-ups, leg squats completed in 30 sec.s

10. Motor Skills – Test agility (karaoke, leg hops, shuttle runs, jump rope)

11. Number of Youth – Enrolled in the program & meeting min. participation requirements

12. Number of Workshops and Physical Activity – Sessions offered

13. Healthy Lifestyles – Assess knowledge (youth & parent surveys & questionnaires)

This data is used to track, the effectiveness of the programs, provide individual youth results, to make modifications of programs and development of new ones, and to prepare reports and provide research to granting agencies.

Evaluation Goals

  • A 100% increase in youth and family awareness of: The importance and effects of obesity related diseases, good life long nutrition, and overall understanding of healthy lifestyles.     
  • A 100% increase in our youth’s physical activity, fitness, and motor skills.
  • 75% of youth participants reaching target BMI & weight measurements by end of program.
  • A 60% increase in the number of youths involved in healthy lifestyles programs.