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About Us

YDS believe there is a need for a more targeted and robust strategy that focuses on one community, one county at a time.  Essentially, creating a movement within these respective communities to change attitudes and behavior; and encourage, and support their pursuit of a restoring their health and vibrancy. 

It is our hope that we can prevent the next generation from becoming adults with major health problems and becoming a considerable burden on our already overwhelmed and strained health system…not to mention the economic impact by dramatically increasing health cost.    We expect communities, individuals, youth and families participating in this project to become strongly committed to physical fitness, and a deep appreciation for the value of living a healthy and rich life free from preventable diseases.

We have served over have served over 350 youth and parents with over 70% of them being referred to YDS by their physician because of complications resulting from obesity and diabetes. Our comprehensive and rigorous approach incorporates nationally recognized best practices in the areas of diet, nutrition, fitness and life coaching.

Major goals over the next 3 to 5 years are:

  • To further develop a robust health, wellness and fitness organization that specializes in providing services to children and families suffering from obesity and associated diseases such as diabetes, especially for those who reside in communities with a prevalence of health disparities and lack of access to YDS comprehensive services.
  • To expand YDS’s infrastructure and capacity to meet the growing demand for our health and wellness services for physician referrals and by individuals.
  • To collaborate with other medical and health professionals, associations, health and human resource government agencies, health insurance companies and the community to develop and implement strategies to improve the overall healthcare system and health outcomes on a community level and individual basis.
  • To become a preferred wellness service provider for clinics, physicians, health insurance firms, and companies and organizations with major corporate wellness programs and continuum health services for clinics to produce better health outcomes.

In addition, YDS has engaged in developing public health and health insurance recommendations and policies regarding treating children and adults with obesity, as members of groups such as; MN Healthy Kids Coalition sponsored by American Diabetes Association, MN Council of Health Plans & American Academy of Pediatrics (MN Partnership on Pediatric Obesity Care & Coverage), Medica Community Advisory Group and HealthPartner’s EBAN 3D Collaborative on Diabetes in the African and African American communities.  This work has also informed us of the great need of community wellness services that don’t currently exist to produce better health outcomes and the potential that our wellness model can fill this void in delivering continuum healthcare in communities in crisis that are under-insured and under-served.